Incorporating Experiential Marketing Into Recruitment

Recently, more and more organizations are turning to experiential marketing (also referred to as engagement marketing) as an effective means to largely enhance the promotion of their brands.  But did you know that this form of marketing has also been gaining impressive speed amongst many high-profile companies as an innovative tool in recruitment? In this […]

Experiential Marketing Into Recruitment

5 Things You Should Be Asking Your Digital Agency

Choosing a digital agency to partner with is a big decision, whether it is for a particular project or for long term, ongoing work.  You need to choose a company who offer a great service, good value for money and who understand you and your business.  So what are the most crucial 5 things you […]

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What is employee engagement?

Understanding employee engagement and how it affects your business. Businesses which have shown to be the most successful are those which have the highest levels of employee engagement. Engaged Employees are more likely to work harder to see a business succeed, provide vital information to managers and executives to help steer the business forward, and […]

employee engagement

Marketing of any medium, be it TV adverts, social media content or anything in between has little effect it’s not targeted to the right people, at the right time and with the right message. What’s more adopting a blanket approach to each type of marketing medium can provide to be both an expensive and damaging waste of time.

As an answer to this and in  bid to craft marketing strategies businesses up and down the country have spent time and money in undertaking extensive market analysis, many a time looking to outside consultancy companies for help that comes with a rather almighty price tag. What fewer consider however according to 720 Digital is that customer SEO surveys and how these essential market research mediums are driving change based upon targeted, intelligent marketing.

Let’s talk targeting in detail

When we talk about targeted marketing we should first establish what forms of market segments we may be aiming for, and consequentially how customer surveys can illicit insightful data from such areas of your business’s customers.

The first and most obvious split within target audiences is that of customers and potential customers. In the first instance customer surveys may be presented either when your customer is using your product or service or at an indirect time via a medium such as email (the former example is invariably far more effective). Further within this general group is then a wide and extensive range of target markets which may be split down into subsections of customer demographics, product or service use or customer spend. To much an extent targeting is then only restricted to the sophistication of the customer survey tool that you use.

In the latter instance of potential customers we look toward market surveys, which are, or at least should be, intelligently targeted through a vast array of survey communities and as such are then subject to a practically limitless range of target filters. This can once more include demographics, as well as how each survey participant may be related to your product or service (such as their being competitor product/service users, or merely within one of your target market’s guidelines).

Why customer surveys are an answer to targeted marketing

In an ever more competitive world that is subject to market conditions that are anything but certain it’s vital that businesses are on form and on point when it comes to knowing their customers, market and competitors. As an essential tool in achieving targeted marketing that works is customer surveys that gather invaluable information. The following three further reasons demonstrate just how this form of market research is changing the way people do business.

Easy as 1, 2, 3: How customer surveys are empowering business

  1. Customer feedback drives change and identifies needs

Customer feedback through the survey medium are designed to drive change and what’s more with todays advanced surveys this change can be guided by data from specific customer and market segments.

Customer surveys gain real world insight into a business’s offerings and beyond feedback upon a specific product or service customer surveys can additionally pave the way to new additions to a company’s offering.

  1. Customer surveys provide insight into existing customer’s satisfaction and previous customer’s dissatisfaction levels

As well as exploring what your current customers are thinking and feeling, customer surveys can additionally gather reasons for previous customers having deserted your business. For the former, customer satisfaction levels can be analysed and points of improvement can be identified, and for the latter previous customer’s reasons for dissatisfaction can be expanded upon and explored in a bid to eradicate such instances in the future.

Customer retention levels can then be analysed and ultimately improved through intelligent decisions based on rock solid feedback that comes directly from the people who matter: your customers, rather than a consultancy or marketing firm who can may only make educated (yet incorrect) guesses.

  1. Customer surveys provide invaluable insight into market trends, yet are one of the most cost effective methods of market research

Whilst customer surveys can be designed around you, your business and your target markets to gain the insight that you need at any given time they also feature an excellent return on investment. As far as market research mediums go, gathering target market data through surveys proves to be an overly cost effective choice.




Communication is key

Communication is key In the world of branding and marketing, perhaps one of the biggest issues is communication. This is paramount, and if people get it wrong, whole projects can be derailed. There have been famous examples in the past of major companies wishing to conduct massive deals, and then finding that the people they […]

Communication is key

Know who you are working with

Know who you are working with There are many ways in which you can be assured of finding a top level digital marketing agency in London, and in this article we will look at just one aspect of the questions you need to ask to ensure you get the best experience. One of the key […]

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digital marketing londonDigital marketing is one of the most effective ways to get your company noticed and to build your brand. There are many techniques within the field of digital marketing, but generally speaking it involves marketing that is carried out online.

It uses the wide variety of marketing channels that can be found online, from blogging to other social media, and is usually carried out in-house. However, many companies are finding that if they approach a digital marketing agency in London, and if they find the right one, they can secure services that are much more effective than any in-house work could ever be. This leads to better branding, and much better ROI (return on investment).

But how do you actually choose a good digital marketing agency? It is important to be aware of some of the issues around that choice before you go ahead and start to pick out a shortlist.

One of the first things you can do is to ask for recommendations. You are bound to know somebody that has used a digital marketing agency in the past, or is using one right now. If you are able to secure a recommendation from someone that you know, this is infinitely preferable to trying to find an agency yourself. People tend to recommend only when they are happy with the results they have received, which means that you should be able to pretty much guarantee that you have the details of an effective and professional agency.

Go the referral route

Bearing in mind that it is much easier to not have to reinvent the wheel, it makes much more sense to seek out a trusted referral before you go out and try and find an agency yourself. It is certainly not impossible to find an agency yourself, but if you can simply everything through recommendation that is so much easier. So it is always worthwhile seeking recommendations first.

You can also take the completely online route and ask people on LinkedIn for recommendations. This particular platform has seen massive success in recent years, and the ability to liaise with real professionals in your industry is a key factor. If you don’t know anyone who has used a digital marketing agency before, you can always try LinkedIn, and the groups section, to ask around for any recommendations. Many different companies have followed this particular strategy in the past. It works because the people you talk to on LinkedIn are professionals just like you, and can understand your requirements. It is well worth looking at LinkedIn as a possible way forward if you are trying to find a digital marketing agency to help you with your marketing efforts. It is an underused resource still for many companies.

Then, if that kind of stuff fails, use Google. Google is fantastic for helping you to find reputable digital marketing agency support. You can make your search geographical so that you get a nice mix of companies and agencies from where you live. This also means that you can even visit some of them if you wish.Advertising Agencies London

But of course the very best thing about Google is the fact that you can get reviews. Even if the agency hasn’t got many reviews, something will show up on Google that should give you a heads-up as regards the quality of the agency. This is invaluable if you are to get a real feel for the work they undertake and whether or not it could benefit you. Take the time to go through the reviews and sort out which companies will probably be a good fit for your project, and which companies will be a bit of a mess.

One final way of choosing a good digital marketing agency in London is to ask for an expression of interest. This is best done these days through social media according to top marketing agency. Many companies have placed a request for proposal (RFP) on their Twitter feeds for example, and have excellent responses. Make it clear what you want, and link back to your site if you need to, and gain expressions of interest this way. It works very effectively, and is sure to bring in plenty of positive responses from high quality agencies.

Generally speaking, choosing a good digital marketing agency in London is all about casting your net reasonably wide, and ensuring you are able to carry out some kind of research on various companies that offer the services you are interested in. The only way to be sure that you are getting a good set of responses is by looking into each company you come across, and seeking referrals if possible. But as this article shows, there are plenty of ways in which you can find a good agency to help.